About Us


Art Against Doom is organized to respond to the planetary climate crisis causing the  unfathomable ecological collapse. Collectively, we are facing the pending consequences of environmental degradation, fossil-fuel use, the depletion of finite natural resources, the loss of biodiversity, and the divvying up of public and tribal lands to private corporations. We see the problems we face are also ideological and psychological.  


We see that there is a growing response to this crisis, however we see that cynicism and denialism inhibit the solutions. The cynics recognize the crisis, but they cannot think of how to resist it. Meanwhile, denialists reject the existence of climate change and refuse to hold human beings culpable. There are also people who insidiously deny that climate change is a systemic failure and assume that business-as-usual politics that produces and exacerbates the crisis will pragmatically solve it. These attitudes reflect an overarching nihilism that dissuades necessary systemic solutions.


We believe that art is an invaluable tool for human beings to invoke the sense of emergency desperately needed to confront the climate crisis. Art inspires observers to think differently about themselves and the world around them. Not only does art provide new feelings, meanings, and interpretations of the natural and human worlds alike, but they also can spark personal and collective action. Whether through images, sounds, words, or performances, art interacts with the audience’s expectations and beliefs. Art, when it succeeds, facilitates dialogue, both between the artwork and its observers but also amongst the audience members themselves. For this, we wish to diligently utilize art as a medium to stimulate new imaginations that can overcome the climate crisis.